Our purpose is to support transformation processes by helping people, teams, and organizations become more effective at making positive change.

We believe transformation requires a systems approach, addressing the ecological, economic, social, and human elements in every change process – while also sustaining the process of change itself.

With our unique combination of tools, experience, and expertise, we help people, teams, and organizations develop the additional skills they need to initiate, motivate, and lead transformation processes – far more effectively.

About CforST

Research shows, two out of three change processes in organizations don’t reach the intended impact. To our understanding, this is true because most change initiatives focus rather on the outside and surface of an issue and not on the deeper levels.

We believe that a successful transformation is connected to the attitude and mindset of the person trying to initiate the change. Does he have a holistic view of reality, is he able to bridge contradictory aspects, can he listen deeply to emergent answers to challenging questions, do people feel empowered when he is around.

Belief systems, attitudes, and mindsets work like a filter. It impacts our perception, the meaning we give to a situation, the decision we make, and the behaviors and actions we take. This is true for individuals, but also teams and whole organizations. Transformation in that context is not linear, it is not aimed at continuous improvement. Instead, it tries to initiate a “shift”, a jump to the next level that incorporates the functions of the previous but following a new and broader logic.

With our unique combination of experience, expertise, and tools, we support people, teams, and organizations to acquire the understanding, attitudes, and skills to initiate, motivate, and lead transformation processes effectively.

Our Mission

We’re committed to helping people access their inner performance state to develop creative insights and impactful practices to lead a successful transformation process.