From coaching to coaching cultures (in German)

Meeting the VUCA challenge – Axel Klimek

Axel Klimek

In the last 25 years coaching has changed continuously in different phases to meet evolving organizational challenges. The article uses two concrete case studies from Lufthansa and EY to illustrate how coaching can make a new and targeted contribution in times of the VUCA world if it evolves further towards a coaching culture.

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Collective rethinking (in English)

New coaching approaches for the VUCA world – Axel Klimek

Axel Klimek

To survive in the VUCA world, it’s not only the individual employees and managers who have to change their thinking, but also the company as a whole. And that change of thinking at the company level must reflect the unique world of thought of each company. However, there are possibilities to support this process. Two of the most effective are described in the article: Transformational Coaching and Generative Coaching.

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Coaching culture in German-speaking organizations (in German)

The concept of resilient and agile organizations

Axel Klimek and Werner Stork

In our globalized and digitalized world, new organizational concepts and solutions are in demand. The article describes the approach of resilient and agile organizations and the special importance of the coaching culture in building such organizations.

In Robert Wegener et al. (Ed.) Effect in Coaching © 2018 Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

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Easy as pie? (in English)

Cultural change – “Integrated sustainability”

Axel Klimek

“Walk the Talk!” This task was faced by a consulting firm offering consulting services on sustainability. How seriously must the company take the issue of sustainability itself if it wants to offer convincing consulting services in this area?

Ernst & Young CCaSS News, 2013

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Collegial advice (in German)

Developing leadership skills in discussions with colleagues

Axel Klimek

Leadership is embedded in continuous personal development. For companies, the question arises on how they can support this personal learning process in addition to selecting the right managers and training them. One answer to this question is the form of “collegial consulting”.

OrganisationsEntwicklung 2004

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Inventing the future (in German)

How to best support groups in their creative process – Experiences from an Open-Space-Workshop

Axel Klimek

The rules of open-space workshops appear to be provocatively simple. But their obviousness does not explain the effectiveness of the method. This article illuminates the underlying level of creative change processes.

zfo (2002)

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