We believe that systemic and paradigmatic change is central to allowing sustainability to become a core driver for organizations, communities, and individuals.

With a unique combination of tools, experience, and content expertise, our core purpose is to help you develop the additional skills and competencies you need to effectively initiate, motivate, and lead sustainability change efforts – and to sustain the process of change itself.

Three kinds of change need to be managed simultaneously

1. Technical change
The actual content of what must be transformed

2. Strategy and organizational change
The social context in which technical change occurs

3. Internal and behavioral change
The habits, mindsets, and goals of the people involved

What does it mean to be a change agent?

Change Agents are initiators, leaders, and facilitators of sustainability change processes, and possess the following characteristics:

  • Profound knowledge of a specific field of expertise related to sustainability
  • A deep understanding of human change, both organizational and individual

  • A broad skillset for planning and running a complex change process

  • A clear understanding of how to handle multi-stakeholder interests
  • An authoritative, present, and impactful personal style for successfully

    engaging others