Our Vision

We believe that a more sustainable world is waiting to be carved out of the realm of all possibilities. Our contribution is to provide knowledge, experience, and expertise to support that vision by focusing on the human side of change.

About Us

Our core purpose is to support transformation processes by helping people, teams, and organizations become more effective at making positive change.

Stories from the Change Café and other videos

…and other stories from the change café…

“The Change Café” is a series of movies about change and transformation. After many years of working in that field, we have an idea why about two-thirds of all efforts to make a positive change in organizations and institutions end up in failure and what could be done different.

Videos on Coaching Culture

Together with the h_da – University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt we do research on the relation of an organisational coaching culture and the ability of the organisation to handle the challenges of digitalization and the VUCA world.

What we offer

Organizational and Professional Development Services


Transcend challenges with personalized support, and help both teams and individuals break out of unhelpful patterns by tapping into unused potentials.


Expand your individual and organizational capacities with the support of our proven tools and methods, and an engaging learning environment.


Help your organization to navigate complex challenges in fast-changing environments, and support your people in becoming more agile, innovative, and resilient.

How do we work?

Change Management

We believe that systemic and paradigmatic change is central to finding the true value of sustainability as a core strategic driver for organizations, communities, and individual professionals.

Tools & Methods

Our tools and methods combine intellectual and human challenges with an enjoyable training experience — along with the joy of making a meaningful difference in the world.

We believe that…

Transformation requires more than technical solutions. It is a deeply human process.

Our Team

We are an international team of experts. We work for governments, corporations, and companies in different countries and on different continents. We combine unique solutions with many years of experience.

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Systems Modeler and Trainer
Consultant and Trainer
Trainer and Business Coach
Trainer and Business Coach
Trainer and Business Coach

Who Are
Our Clients

Our clients include NGOs, and international agencies, along with some of the world’s largest companies.


Deutsche Bahn


Levis Strauss & Co


Montessori Idstein

Bistum Limburg





Canon Europe


Hanser Verlag



Read Our Book

“Parachuting Cats Into Borneo”

“Fascinating…” – Poul Polman, CEO Unilever
“Indispensable…” – Michael Kobori, VP Levi Strauss
“Prepare to change the way you think about change.” – John Elkington, CEO Volans
“Highly recommended…” – Maureen Hart, Executive Director ISSP

Publisher’s Weekly called it a shrewd and discerning look at systemic change that was insightful” and particularly valuable” — both for making change happen and dealing with daily work life.


Available in paperback, e-book, and audio format.

To order the book, please visit your favorite bookseller (such as Amazon) or the publisher’s website.