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Axel Klimek is is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Sustainability Transformation. Axel has worked in more than 25 different countries on 4 continents, and within a wide spectrum of contexts; helping leaders, organizations, and developmental programs manage complex change processes and improve their performance. Recently he also began assisting national-level change programs. His clients have included the African Union Commission, Canon Europe, Levis, EY, PWC, GIZ, Lufthansa, Unilever, and T-Systems.

Axel’s practice is centered upon helping clients achieve sustainability through change processes, innovation, cooperation, strategic planning, change management, and building a coaching culture. One of his main areas of focus is on how sustainability can be integrated into the value chain of an organization to become a habitual part of consciousness; informing decision-making processes, and the actions of leaders, managers, and staff members.

Axel has had a strong interest and passion for the topic of transformation ever since his time at university. He’s been a practicing Buddhist for over 35 years, studying the transformation of the mind. Thirty years ago he was trained as a psychotherapist and coach and has since been working to help individuals and teams change, transform, and uplift their hidden potentials. In 1999, Axel joined a management consultancy to offer his support to companies and organizations undergoing complex change processes.

 Alan AtKisson is the Co-Founder of Center for Sustainability Transformation, as well as the Founder & CEO of AtKisson Group. He has been working at the forefront of sustainability since 1988 to empower and inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and governments. He writes books and articles, develops strategies, creates planning methods, trains professionals, and writes music, among other innovative approaches — all aimed at helping people transform complex systems.

Alan is the lead developer of the VISIS Method, the Sustainability Compass, the Pyramid workshop for sustainable development planning, among other tools and methods. His work has influenced thousands of people who use these tools to manage CSR programs, learn the principles of systems thinking, convene stakeholders, and to facilitate other aspects of modern sustainability practice.

In 2013, Alan was inducted into The Sustainability Hall of Fame by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals in recognition of his pioneering work in establishing sustainability consulting as a profession; and for the inspiration he has provided to hundreds of other professionals around the world.

Piotr Magnuszewski is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Centre for Systems Solutions, in addition to being a highly experienced systems modeler, professional trainer, facilitator, and researcher.  Piotr is particularly involved in linking theory with practice, science with policy, and knowledge with action through diverse systems and knowledge management tools.

Piotr uses his expertise in systems thinking and practice to apply and teach systems tools to diverse groups of scientists, NGOs, businesses, and administrations around the world. He has designed many simulation and role-playing games addressing the issues of sustainable development, and is also the author of many research and educational publications.

Gillian Martin Mehers, cropped

Gillian Martin Mehers is a learning and capacity development practitioner and expert facilitator who has been working within the global sustainability community for 20 years. She is currently Founding Director at Bright Green Learning (Atadore SARL).

Gillian’s expertise is in creating dynamic experiential learning environments, facilitating productive multi-stakeholder dialogue processes, interactive learning design, social media applications for communication and learning, and innovative curriculum and training materials development.

Robert Steele is a teacher, trainer, and group process facilitator who values collaboration, partnerships, and working in the context of a team-based strengths model. Since 2004, Robert’s passion and focus has been systems thinking, and helping people learn to use systems thinking tools and approaches in education and in the corporate world. He is a Senior Associate and trainer at the Center for Sustainability Transformation,  Senior Associate of AtKisson Group, and team leader for Compass Education.

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