Introducing Our New Identity … and our Expanded Offering

Dezember 7, 2014
Lisa Baumgartel

The Center for Sustainability Transformation (CforST) is itself the result of a transformation—one that we were forced into, but have embraced thoroughly.

Since 1992, we have been running training programs and doing professional development on sustainability and change. After 2008, we were called ISIS Academy. („ISIS“ was the name of our core methodology.) But as anybody who has seen the news from Iraq and Syria will understand, the name „ISIS“ no longer works for us. We had to create a new name.

If you are forced to change your identity, thoroughly, why stop at the name, logo, and website? We took a deep look at our own work and realized that we wanted to change that as well. To broaden it, and deepen it.

The launching of this new Center is also the launching of a new way of thinking about professional development. Sustainability is no longer something that happens at the margins of organizations. It has moved to the core of business, government, education, and institutions of all kinds. Hundreds of thousands of people now work in sustainability, and millions of others have begun integrating sustainability into their work.

And all of that work involves change. Often profound change. Transformation.

We aim to continue doing what we do best: supporting the people who are making change happen. We will continue to offer our signature Master Classes: they have produced a growing community of professionals, around the world, who share our whole-system approach to sustainability and change. (The next one is scheduled for Stockholm, Sweden, on May 6-8, 2015.)

We will also keep offering (and expanding) CforST core workshops such as „Competitive Sustainability 2.0“ and „Introduction to Change Agentry: Amoeba.“ And we will continue to be a source of sound advice and rigorously considered strategy.

But we are also emphasizing the human side of sustainability and change, much more explicitly, as you will notice on this new website. We believe that the skill of professional and peer-to-peer coaching is essential to facilitating effective change processes. Even more important is creating a Coaching Culture in an organization, to sustain the change process itself. Deep listening, supportive questioning, the continuous search for new options … without these things, ambitious change rarely succeeds.

So we are strongly emphasizing this element of professional coaching going forward … and we have expanded our team of very senior coaches and trainers, to meet what believe is a growing need for such services.

We also plan to look more deeply into the relationships between sustainability, culture, and inspiration. We have always done this: we often use music, the arts, and other surprising interventions to enliven and enrich our training courses. But now we are going to expand that side of things too, and make it more clearly a part of our offerings.

There are more changes coming as well—we can all be sure of that. Transformation is not optional. The world itself is changing fast, in ways both worrying and promising. We ourselves are deeply involved in trying to steer that change in a positive, sustainable direction. If you are reading this, we believe that you, too, have a similar vision, a similar goal.

The Center for Sustainability Transformation is here to help you. Welcome.