Competitive Sustainability 2.0

Learn how to win with sustainability in business!

Competitive Sustainability 2.0 is an interactive workshop that will help you learn how to navigate the complexity of economic, social, environmental, and human wellbeing issues in the business context.

The workshop has four essential parts:

Part 1: Introducing the Sustainability Compass and the basic concepts of system dynamics.

Part 2: Green & Great, a highly interactive computer game, based on a systems model, which simulates the experience of running a global consultancy in a competitive market. Teams compete for clients while aiming to integrate people, planet, and profit.

Part 3: The Pyramid Process, where the whole group works collaboratively to generate real options and ideas for action.

Part 4: Creating Real Impact, which focuses on what it takes to move from ideas to sustainable change.

Is your company up to the challenge of Competitive Sustainability? 

Download our brochure below for more detailed information on this workshop offering. For questions or enrollment inquiries, contact us.

Download sustainability 2.0 brochure