CforST helps to launch 17Goals

September 24, 2015
Editor @CforST

17Goals_Logo_smallerCforST is one of the founding partners in a new, not-for-profit initiative to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17Goals initiative is a website and social media channel that makes information, tools, and other resources freely available, to help people to get actively engaged with the SDGs.

In addition, CforST, in partnership with AtKisson Group, is now making available the Accelerator tools — used in CforST trainings for many years, and recognized globally as an effective way to engage people on sustainability — in a simplified format that anyone can use. (If you want to learn about AtKisson’s professional tools, which CforST training courses can prepare you for, see Accelerator Pro.)


Accelerator Lite gives you the essentials, so that you can get started working with your your colleagues, classroom, or any other group, in an education or non-commercial context. Available in a “free” or “fair price” version.  [/paragraph_big]

To learn more about these very popular tools, visit this page on our website: Try Accelerator Lite