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Master Class in Change for Sustainability, Stockholm, May 6-8, 2015

Pre-registration is now open for our upcoming 3-day Master Class in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. The Master Class is our signature training event,…

Introducing Our New Identity … and our Expanded Offering

The Center for Sustainability Transformation (CforST) is itself the result of a transformation—one that we were forced into, but have embraced thoroughly.…

New Training Offering: Competitive Sustainability 2.0

We’ve recently updated our training offerings to include Competitive Sustainability 2.0, a workshop especially designed for business audiences (or anyone interested in business…

About Us

 Our core purpose is to accelerate the sustainability transformation process by helping people, teams, and organizations become more effective at making change happen.

We believe that transformation requires a broad approach addressing the ecological, economic, social, and human components interwoven into every change process—while also sustaining the process of change itself.
With a unique combination of tools, experience, and expertise, we help people, teams, and organizations develop the additional skills they need to effectively initiate, motivate, and lead sustainability transformation processes.


Our Story

Founders Alan Atkisson and Axel Klimek each bring more than 30 years of experience to the areas of sustainability, transformation, organizational development, coaching, and training. The breadth of their work with companies, governments, and NGOs has taken them to dozens of countries around the world.

During its first two decades, the Center for Sustainability Transformation was an initiative driven by the AtKisson Group. In 2012, Alan AtKisson and Axel Klimek established the center (originally called ISIS Academy GmbH) as a distinct company to ease the organization of their worldwide sustainability education offerings.

In the process of renaming the organization in 2014, Alan and Axel expanded the focus of their service offerings to include more customized solutions like Coaching and Organizational Development.

Today the Center for Sustainabilty Transformation operates independently as a German-based company (GmbH), a joint venture between the center’s director Axel Klimek, and the AtKisson Group.

We’re committed to bringing our clients the best tools, methods, insights, practices, and experiences, so that they can be at their best in taking on the toughbut very rewardingchallenges of our time

What Do We Offer?

Professional and Organizational Development for Sustainability Transformation

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Sustainability transformation requires more than technical solutions or a “greener” outlook.

How do we work?

Facilitating an Integrated Transformation Process

Change Management

We believe that systemic and paradigmatic change is central to allowing sustainability to become a core driver for organizations, communities, and individuals.

Tools & Methods

Our tools and methods combine intellectual and human challenges with an enjoyable training experience — along with the joy of making a meaningful difference in the world. 

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Our team of trainers and experts are some of the most experienced and gifted teachers and facilitators in their fields

Meet Our Committed Team

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Alan AtKisson

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Axel Klimek

Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Kristina AtKisson

Senior Consultant and Trainer
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Piotr Magnuszewski

Systems Modeler and Trainer
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Robert Steele

Senior Consultant and Trainer

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